Largo Winch - Volume 1 - The Heir: 01

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Its here that he meets the character that becomes his partner in, well not quite crime, but Simon does however have a very shady back ground. The two escape and start a chase across half of Europe in an attempt to make their way to theUS. Chase concluded the first chapter ends, leading into part two whereLargomust return toEuropeand find the documents that secure his claim. In this second part we learn more of his back story, the training he received that made him not only ready for the responsibilities of such a fortune, as well as the abilities that make him an accomplished and all round action man.

Twists and turns abound and the climax is as action packed and as satisfying as the rest of the book. Although a highly enjoyable read there are points that are at times jarring, well one really, but it feels significant, and occurs more than once. As with Bond female characters in the book are not well served, and for the most part appear as either figures for sexual gratification, weak characters in need of rescue, or stony faced matrons there to admonish Largo for his free wheeling attitudes. These misgivings aside the book is otherwise riotous fun. To compare styles the books art reminds me of the anime style of the same period, and in fact some of the caricatures of the American characters chime with that genre too.

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Largo Winch 2 - The Heir ( Part two ) 2001

In particular an elaborate chase involving speed boats, a helicopter and an impressive cliff dive. The German born actor performs his own stunts in the film, and gives an assured performance as the determined protagonist. The rest of the supporting cast are less surprising in roles which rely heavily on tired genre stereotypes.

Largo Winch has its sights set on an international audience which makes its message, condemning of greed, all the more ironic.

The dialogue is simplistic, which you may well expect from a comic adaptation, and many of the characters are not fleshed out enough for you to really care about. It is by courting the broadest audience that Largo Winch ultimately misses its opportunity. A film that could have breathed new life, and a European perspective, into the comic book action film ends up feeling like more of the same. What is remarkable, however, is how much Jerome Salle is able squeeze out of a 24 million euro budget.

Lady S. - Volume 1 - Here's to Suzie

The camera sweeps from beautiful location to beautiful location, and there is a sparing yet effective use of CGI. Most of the budget must have been spent on boats and cars, which contribute significantly to the production value. Not to mention some Croation orphans, corporate espionage, cross, double-cross, traitors, friends and enemies.

Or, just another day in a modern multinational.

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  5. However, as becomes quickly apparent this is no Into the Wild journey of reflective self-discovery, as it takes the more violent and rambunctious route of a Franco-Belgian, Bruce Waynian search for against the odds punch-ups and characters who are generally bad for your health. Then again, in a film like this, who can you really trust. If only the bad guys would learn. I mean only the French could produce an action-adventure film based on a climactic shareholders meeting and make it work like a charm.

    Not since John McClane handed morgue passes to a bunch of German crooks has the pursuit of financial papers been so undemandingly exciting.

    Largo Winch: Heir v. 1 : Jean van Hamme :

    Who hell he? Adopted from a Bosnian orphanage as a baby by rich-as-Croesus Nerio Winch Miki Manojlovic , the founder and majority shareholder of the hulking W Group, little Largo is kept under wraps and left in the care of a friend of the family. Ah, but only if it were that simple.